Casa Lambretta Casatronic kits

Casa Lambretta Casatronic kitsVE (UK) continue to build their range of Casa Lambretta parts with two of the latest additions being the “Casatronic” ignition kits for LI/SX/TV and GP models.

Featuring a variable advance and retard system which automatically advances the ignition timing closer to TDC as the revs increases and retards the timing away from TDC as the revs decrease. This design gives more responsiveness pulling away at low RPM and lets the engine rev more freely at the top end.

The ignition kit includes a 2.7kg flywheel of one piece construction to help prevent magnets breaking up in use, a problem that can occur with other kits on the market.

The kit is based on a 12 volt electrical system, making this the perfect upgrade for any Lambretta.

To order the above Casa Lambretta products use our dedicated Casa Lambretta search HERE

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