High Quality Oil


High quality oil should be on the top of everyones list when performing any servicing work on their machine. VE (UK) stock a wide range of Maloss, Putoline, and ENI oils in both 2T and 4T variants.

Malossi oils:
Malossi produce a range of 2T and 4T performance oils in both semi-synthetic and fully synthetic formulations that have special additives making them suitable for use in both standard and tuned engines. The popular range of oils are used exclusively in the Malossi race series in Italy. Supplied in 1L bottles.

Putoline Oils:
Putoline have been a firm favourite of scooterists over the years, with a range of high quality lubricants covering 2T, 4T, and Classic scooters. Popular options include TT Sport, Scooter 4T+ Eco, and Classic Scooter.

ENI oils:
ENI oils have for a long time been recognised by leading manufacturers as one of the market leaders. Seen at Formula One races and used by Ferrari, and other top automotive marques. In the 60’s AGIP (ENI) was the recommended oil for Lambretta scooters. ENI oils are suitable for use in all 2T and 4T scooter and motorcycle applications. Supplied in 1L bottles.

To view the complete range of lubricants available from VE (UK) use our universal parts finder HERE

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