Royal Alloy 125 Service Parts

Royal Alloy 125 Service Parts

Owners and dealers alike who service the new Royal Alloy 125 scooters will welcome the range of high quality service parts available from VE (UK).

Maintaining the braking system and transmission is one of the key jobs in any service. VE stock Malossi transmission rollers in a variety of weights for either direct replacement, or fine tuning of the transmission. Brake pads are available in either a standard compound by Newfren or a sintered compound by Malossi.

Quality lubricants are also a major part of any service regime and VE (UK) stock the range of ENI oils that match the manufacturers requirements perfectly.

Tyres are not overlooked either with Dunlop and Michelin both manufacturing tyres in a 110-70×12 size for the scooters.

To view the complete range of service parts available from VE (UK) use our dedicated search pages located on our homepage.

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