Malossi Kymco AK 550 K-Drive System

Malossi Kymco AK 500 K-Drive System

Following the success of the K-Drive system for the Yamaha T-Max 530, Malossi have announced the release of a K-Drive system for the Kymco AK-550.

Malossi K-Drive: The new “K-Drive” system allows the owner to fine tune the gearing range of the scooter by using a range of different crown and pinion gears to adjust the final ratio. Manufactured from hardened aluminium to not only reduce weight but also increase the products service life, the crown gear is currently available in a 57 tooth version with more sizes to follow. The pinion gears are also manufactured from the same hardened material and can be purchased in 24, 27, 28, and 29 tooth versions. Depending on the combination of gears used the final drive ratio can be altered from between 2.269:1 (standard) to 1.931:1.

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