Pinasco Vespa Large Frame 250cc Crankcase

Pinasco Vespa Large Frame 250cc Crankcase

Pinasco have announced the upcoming release of their new Vespa large frame 250cc crankcase which will be available through VE (UK).

Whilst no official specifications have yet been released, you can be assured that Pinasco have worked extensively on reinforcing critical areas of the casing, worked on the porting to offer the best possible performance, and made other refinements to give the highest quality of finish to the product.

This new engine casing will require a new cylinder kit and crankshaft, which are currently in development.

VE (UK) will inform you with full details and specifications as soon as they are available.

To order the above or view the complete range of Pinasco products available from VE (UK) use our dedicated Pinasco parts finder HERE

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