Top Tyre Brands at VE (UK)

Top tyre brands

VE (UK) have many years of experience supplying tyres for all types of scooter from 50cc automatics, through to Classic Vespas and Lambrettas, Maxi Scooters and everything in-between. As such we are able to offer a vast range of tyres for the discerning scooterist, from full out soft and sticky race tyres through to winter tyres designed especially for the colder months in all sizes from 8″ to 18”. Many scooter tyres especially Classics are available in whitewall as well.

VE UK) supply tyres from most of the leading tyre manufacturers including Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, Mitas, IRC, Duro, and Bridgestone, ensuring that no matter what your riding preferences and tyre requirements are, VE (UK) will be able to offer you a tyre thats fits the bill.

As well as the fantastic range of Scooter tyres available, VE (UK) also offer a complete range of inner tubes, valves, wheel rims, and other tyre accessories to complete the job at hand. VE carry most brands in most sizes off the shelf all at very competitive trade prices.

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