Vespa Wide Frame Carb Kits

Vespa wide frame carbs

Pinasco Performance Parts, available through VE (UK), manufacture a vast range of performance products for classic Vespa scooters. Their latest products cater for the vintage “wide frame” Vespa scooter owners who have fitted a Pinasco 160cc cylinder kit.

The two new carb kits are built around a modified Dellorto PHVB 22 that has been fitted with a special mechanism to open the throttle with a cable running from below the carb. Available either without a manifold (VE10812) for use with the 160cc reed valve cylinder kit (VE10810-RV), or with a manifold included (VE10813) for use with the rotary valve version of the cylinder (VE10810).

Both carb kits include air filter, carb rubber, and fittings.

Both carb kits are suitable for fitment to the following wide frame Vespa models: Vespa 125 VM1-2 1952-54, Vespa 125 VN1-2 1954-57, Vespa 150 VB1 1957-58, Vespa VL1 1955, Vespa VD1-2 1956-59, Vespa VGL1 1956-58 ACMA, Vespa VGLA-B 1957-58.

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