Malossi Classic Vespa Clutch Kits

Malossi clutches

Malossi have increased the range of clutches available for Classic Vespa scooters with the addition of 6 new kits which are available from VE (UK).

Vespa PX: Available in either “Sport” or “MHR” compounds in 6 spring configuration for PX 125/150 engines or 7 spring configuration for the PX 200 engine. The “Sport” compound kits are intended to replace original parts in order to improve clutch performance, with increased modulation and consistency.

The “MHR” compound is specifically designed for competitions and for the most demanding customers. They have friction materials made of blends without cork and rubber which allow an extreme use causing no problems of sticking and slipping.

Vespa small frame: Available in “MHR” and “MHR Team” versions for the most demanding users. The “MHR” kits include 4 cork plates, 3 steel plates and a Malossi clutch spring and use the same compound as the PX versions.

The “MHR Team” includes the same component parts but with an even higher specification compound that were developed by Malossi technicians in close co-operation with riders directly on the race track. They ensure maximum performance consistency even under extreme riding conditions.

VM526505 – Vespa PX125/150 Sport
VM526510 – Vespa PX125/150 MHR
VM526511 – Vespa PX200 Sport
VM526514 – Vespa PX200 MHR
VM526521 – Vespa small frame MHR
VM526522 – Vespa small frame MHR Team

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