Pinasco 144 Zuera Cylinder Kits & Matching Exhaust System


Vespa 90/100/Primavera/PK100-125 owners looking for even more performance from their machine will be interested in the new Pinasco 144cc cylinder kits and matching exhaust system available from VE (UK).
Pinasco 144cc Zuera: The 144cc, (60mm bore) Pinasco Zuera range is available in 2 versions, the RR version (VE10806) for rotary valve induction fed through the crankcase and the VTR version (VE10807) with a large reed valve inlet on the cylinder.

Both variants of the cylinder feature a spigot less design in order to allow the big 60mm kit to fit small frame engine casings without the need to bore out the casing mouth, and a head with 8 bolt fitting with centrally placed spark plug for increased performance.

They are both high specification, high power cylinder kits that have been born on the race track and will need to be used with a suitable carb (25mm minimum, but 28/30mm is recommended) and a suitable expansion chamber exhaust like the Pinasco VE10808.

Pinasco big bore expansion (VE10808): Designed to used specifically with the Pinasco Zuera 144 cylinder kits and extract the most performance possible from the engine, and is supplied with all fittings required.

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