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CDI UNIT – FITS PX125 and PX150 2011 on ONLY

£59.25 (including VAT)

SKU : VE16182
STOCK : In Stock

Piaggio fitted the 2011 on model PX with a completely new ignition system, this differs from previous models that had a Ducati based 6 pole (6 magnet) set up, the new system from Piaggio has a stator plate with 12 coils, and a flywheel with 12 poles (12 magnets), these are not interchangable with the earlier set up unless the flywheel, stator and CDI unit are all changed at once. This CDI unit fits the later 12 pole ignition system and is Vespa Piaggio part number 642443.

Fitment Chart

VESPAVESPA 125 - PX125E DISC 1998 ONCDI UNIT - FITS PX125 and PX150 2011 on ONLY