Classic Vespa Speedo Faces

VE (UK) stock a wide range of Classic Vespa speedo faces to complete the overall look of a fully restored scooter. Additionally a range of speedo rims and replacement glass is also available.

To make part selection easier, a quick reference chart is provided below.

To add any of the items to your basket click on the part number shown in RED.

VE22113: 125 GTR, Rally 180, Rally 200
ve22114VE22114: SS90, 90 Racer, Primavera 125
VE22115: 150 Sprint, 150 Super, Primavera 125
ve22116VE22116: 150 GL, 150 Sprint, Sportique, VBA, VBB
ve22117VE22117: SS180, GS 150, GS 160


Model Speedo Face Speedo Rim Speedo Glass
150 GL VE22116 VE22109-CR VE22109
150 sprint VE22115/VE22116 VE22111-CR/VE22109-CR VE22111/VE22109
150 super VE22115 VE22111-CR VE22111
90 Racer VE22114 VE22111-CR VE22111
GS 150 VE22117 VE22109-CR VE22109
GS 160 VE22117 VE22109-CR VE22109
GTR 125 VE22113 VE22111-CR VE22111
Primavera VE22114/VE22115 VE22111-CR VE22111
Rally 180 VE22113 VE22111-CR VE22111
Rally 200 VE22113 VE22111-CR VE22111
Sportique VE22116 VE22109-CR VE22109
SS180 VE22117 VE22109-CR VE22109
SS90 VE22114 VE22111-CR VE22111
VBA VE22116 VE22109-CR VE22109
VBB VE22116 VE22109-CR VE22109
VBC VE22115 VE22111-CR VE22111
VMA VE22115 VE22111-CR VE22111


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