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Malossi 182cc Cylinder Kit for Yamaha X Max & X City 125

Designed from the ground up for the Yamaha X Max 125 and X City 125, the cylinder kit utilises the impressive Force Master 2 ECU to handle the fuel injection duties. The Force Master 2 CDI unit offers outstanding performance, reliability and consistency of fuelling. It allows use of 4 different mappings, meaning the rider can personalise the feel and performance of the scooter. The owner can then choose the mapping best suited to the type of riding/use. This feature is unique and offers the rider a better balance and real value for money. The Force Master 2 ECU also raises the rev limiter by 1000 rpm to allow a higher top speed and better acceleration. Manufactured from aluminium with a high content of hardened and tempered silicon and a silicon carbide coated liner which is machined on CNC machines to provide a tolerance of just 0.05mm. The cylinder is supplied with matched piston kit that has a special tin coating on the mating surfaces for a lower sliding resistance, as well as being lightened and reinforced for outstanding durability. Malossi also manufacture of other performance products for the X Max and X City including: brake pads, exhaust system, clutches, camshaft, gear kit, torque driver, suspension, variator, kevlar drive belt, and more. To purchase the Malossi cylinder for the Yamaha X-Max or X-City use the following link: YM314443 – MALOSSI 182cc CYLINDER KIT + FORCE MASTER EFI AND IGNITION ADJUSTMENT UNIT]]>

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