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Malossi Transmission Tuning Products

Getting the best performance out of your Automatic Scooters transmission setup is imperative in order to obtain the best overall performance. Malossi manufacture a wide range of products expressly designed to make transmission tuning not only easier, but also with a greater flexibility of adjustment. All of Malossi’s products are made in Italy, ensuring the highest quality available. Furthermore all of their products have been tested extensively not only in the R&D department but also on the race track with race proven history. Starting at the front of the transmission, the variator rollers are key to obtaining the correct expansion of the front pulley for any previous tuning adjustments that have been made, whether it be a performance cylinder kit, or performance exhaust. Malossi rollers are available in 22 different sizes covering virtually every transmission currently available. Included in each size fitment are up to 24 different weights available (dependant on size) catering for all levels of tuning from standard through to full race use. Moving to the rear of the transmission, a number of products are used to achieve the best balance between the rear pulley and the clutch. Malossi offer a wide range of torsion springs to fine tune the rear pulleys expansion under power with a stiffer spring, allowing more RPM to be achieved before expansion occurs. As the power output of the engine increases it is often necessary to fit a stronger torsion spring to increase the grip on the belt to prevent it slipping in the rear pulley. To resist twisting of the torsion spring, Malossi developed their Torsion Controller, a simple device that sits under the spring allowing it to rotate under load. This reduces vibration and rotational loading of the spring, making for a more linear expansion of the pulley, resulting in a smoother feeling transmission. Another key aspect to transmission tuning is the point at which the clutch engages. Aside from fitting a Malossi Delta adjustable clutch assembly, small refinements can be made to the bite point by fitting uprated clutch springs. Malossi offer their clutch springs in matched sets giving the user three different spring sets with varying strengths to fine tune the engagement point. This allows a higher RPM to be achieved before the clutch engages, something that many people overlook when tuning. Malossi transmission products are available for all capacities of Automatic Scooter from 50cc to 800cc. To find Malossi tuning parts for your machine visit our dedicated Malossi search page here ]]>

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