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FACO Tween Screens

FACO, Italian scooter accessory manufacturer, imported in the UK exclusively by VE (UK), manufacture the perfect screen for owners who require more than one size to see them through the changing seasons. This screen is neither a short sports style screen or a medium height affair, it’s both – as well as everything in between. Adjusted by simply slackening two thumb screws and sliding the clear top portion up or down behind the lower tinted section to suit your requirements, makes this screen an ideal choice for the year round Scooterist. This means you can alter the height of the screen at the traffic lights while waiting for them to change. Available for the following Vespa models: GT/GTS, LX, Primavera 2014>, PX, and Sprint 2014>. To view the complete range of screens available from VE (UK) click HERE]]>

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