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Yamaha T-Max 500 & 530 Starter Motor

VE (UK) have added a new starter motor for the Yamaha T-Max 500 (2008-2011) and T-Max 530 (2012-2016) scooters to their wide range of electrical products. The starter motor is one of the highest wear electrical components on todays automatic scooters. It gets a hammering in normal use, and suffers more under strain in the colder weather. Should the starter motor fail on the T-Max it renders the machine unusable. Add to this water and dirt ingress, and wear is accelerated causing premature failure. Starter motors are just the tip of the electrical section section. We also stock starter relays, starter ring gears, flasher relays, regulators, HT coils, CDI’s, and other related electrical components. To view the complete range of electrical products available use our search pages located on our HOME PAGE]]>

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