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Malossi full circle crankshafts & Spacer kit for 135 MHR

Malossi have released 3 new products to complement their 135cc MHR cylinder kit for the Vespa small frame, all are available from VE (UK). Full circle crankshaft with 97mm con-rod (VM536528) & Full circle crankshaft with longer 105mm con-rod (VM536517): The new crankshafts from Malossi both feature a full circle design to boost primary compression, and are designed to be used exclusively with reed valve induction. They are both made from aeronautical quality reinforced steel and are founded in a vacuum. The “viper head” con rod’s shape is designed to limit weight to a minimum whilst guaranteeing the required rigidity. Tungsten inserts ensure the crank is balanced even at the highest RPM. The keyway on the drive side has been repositioned to allow more strength on the drive side thread, which also now has a finer pitch and special nuts are supplied to allow a higher torque to be used. Suitable for large taper flywheels only. 8mm cylinder spacer kit (VM077472): Expressly designed for use with the 135cc MHR cylinder kit (VM315829)  and the new Malossi crankshaft 105mm rod crank, the spacer kit lifts the cylinder by 8mm to position the ports correctly. The extra length of the 105mm rod reduces the stress load on the big end bearing allowing for more tuning options. Supplied with gaskets, spacer, and longer studs. Available to purchase from www.ve-uk.com/malossi]]>

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