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Pinasco Lambretta “Flytech” Ignition Kits

The range of Pinasco “Flytech” ignition kits for classic Vespa scooters have proved very popular amongst owners. Based on this Pinasco have just added two new kits to the range, this time for Lambretta owners, both of which are available through VE (UK). The new ignition kits are available in both Li/SX/TV (LE10814) and GP (LE10815) crankshaft taper fitments and feature Pinasco’s new “Sparkey” CDI which increases spark plug output and performance. Both ignition kits are suitable for 125/150/175/200cc Lambretta engines, simply choose the fitment that matches your cranks taper. Key features that make this product unique include: •    Super light rotor with an internal steel bulkhead which protects both the magnets and the stator in case of crankshaft failure. •    Ballasts that are machined from solid metal, not tubing, which have been balanced and zinc plated. •    A high density nylon cooling fan that has an enhanced fin profile aimed at keeping the engine cool even in the worst conditions, increasing air flow by 20% compared to a standard flywheel. •    The die-cast aluminium stator plate features a graduated scale to allow easier setting of the engines ignition timing. Available to purchase from www.ve-uk.com]]>

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