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Mod Mirrors from VE (UK)

Complete the Mod look with VE’s range of high quality chrome mirrors. The range includes two styles of mirror heads, round and Conti, two styles of mount clip, W clip and round bar clamp, and two lengths of chrome mirror rods, 14” and 24”. VE27007 – Round mirror head VE27026 – Conti mirror head VE27035 – W Clip VE27036 – Round bar clamp VE27025 – 14” chrome rod VE27024 – 24” chrome rod The range is completely modular, allowing multiple mirror heads to be attached to each rod, creating your own personal look. The w clips are perfect for attaching mirror stems to carriers and other small diameter tubes, while the round bar clamps are designed for larger diameter crashbar tubes. All items are manufactured in the UK to assure a high quality product that will last for years. To view the complete range of accessories available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com or call us on 0115 946 2991.]]>

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