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Yamaha X-Max & X-City "Fly" Clutch Kits

Yamaha X-City 125, X-Max 125, and X-Max 300 owners looking to replace a worn clutch assembly are now able to purchase Malossi “Fly” clutch systems through UK importers VE (UK). Malossi Fly clutch systems are a cost effective replacement for those owners looking to replace a worn out clutch assembly and clutch drum at the same time, or just an upgrade to their standard unit. The Fly clutches have been designed and constructed to adapt perfectly to a standard machine and guarantee impeccable performance from the unit. The clutches are supplied pre-calibrated to the machine following exhaustive testing on Malossi accelerometer benches. Included in the kit is a clutch Bell, which is a perfect companion to the Fly clutch. Forged from a special grade of steel with a carbon steel centre, the assembly is then surfaced hardened and fitted with a reinforcement ring ensuring that the drum remains round and true under the heat generated within the assembly through normal use. By combining these two items Malossi gives owners the very best in clutch performance on their scooter, whilst keeping financial outlay to a minimum. In addition to VE’s highly competitive “Flat Rate” items VE have revised prices across many thousands of Malossi parts to ensure you get the best deal. See for yourself at: www.ve-uk.com VE (UK) are the official Factory Appointed Sole UK Importer for Malossi Performance Products. VE (UK) stocks the full range for both classic and automatic scooter models. To browse the complete range of Malossi Performance Products available from VE (UK), visit www.ve-uk.com/malossi You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com]]>

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