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Royal Alloy Mod Flyscreens

Owners of Royal Alloy and Scomadi scooters who have been looking to add a Mod style screen to their machines need look no further. VE (UK) have introduced new VE Actif screens manufactured specifically for both scooter ranges. The flyscreens are available in a wide selection of solid colours which include black, blue, gold, red, white, and silver, whilst for those owners who prefer a transparent look, the VE Actif screens are also available in transparent blue, green, orange, smoked, and red, catering for almost everyones taste. Manufactured in house by VE (UK), each screen is hand made to ensure the highest quality finish and attention to detail. RA17001: Royal Alloy GP 125 i AC RA17002: Royal Alloy GT 125 i AC, Royal Alloy GT 200 i LC, Scomadi TL 50/125/200/300 RA17003: Royal Alloy GP 125 i LC, GP 200 i LC The VE Actif flyscreen range is also available to fit the following models of classic scooters: Lambretta: GP, LI, SX, and TV. Vespa: 50 Special, V90, V100, T5 Classic, PX 125/150/200, Rally, 150 Super, Primavera, PK, ET3, 180SS, 150 Sprint, 150 GL, and 90SS. To view the complete range of VE Actif products available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com]]>

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