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Nisa Classic Vespa Seats

VE (UK) offers a range of high quality Italian manufactured seats to fit Vespa scooters. Founded over 60 years ago Nisa have a long heritage, crafting beautiful hand made seats for classic scooters in Italy, using the finest raw materials to produce a product that last for many years. The attention to detail put in to every seat shows, metal based seat frames are finished in a durable powder coating, and hand pressed rivets/tabs where required (model dependent). Each and every seat is a hand finished artisan product using PU foam padding for the perfect fit and upmost comfort. Nisa have also purchased the exclusive rights to produce the original Giuliari Yankee seat following the original design specifications. The new range of Nisa seats includes: VE40106 – Vespa Rally – Nisa standard dual seat VE40671 – Vespa PX – Nisa ABS monoposto VE40672 – Vespa PX – Nisa monoposto VE40672-1 – Vespa PX – Nisa monoposto with white piping VE40691-1 – Vespa PX – Nisa biposto with white piping VE40694 – Vespa small frame – Nisa ABS monoposto VE40695 – Vespa small frame – Nisa monoposto VE40695-1 – Vespa small frame – Nisa monoposto with white piping VE40696-SR – Vespa Primavera – Nisa sport racing seat VE40697-SR – Vespa PK – Nisa sport racing seat VE40698-SR – Vespa PX – Nisa sport racing seat VE40698-ST – Vespa PX – Nisa sport touring seat VE40756 – Vespa small frame – Nisa Giuliari style Yankee seat VE40757 – Vespa PX – Nisa Giuliari style Yankee seat VE40758 – Vespa PK – Nisa Giuliari style Yankee seat To view the complete range of seats and seat covers available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com or call us on 0115 946 2991.]]>

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