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Malossi "Power Up" Vespa Clutch Kits

Owners of Classic Vespa PX125/200 and T5 scooters looking to upgrade their clutch for better power delivery with less slipping on a tuned engine will be interested in the new Malossi “Power Up” clutch System available from VE (UK). Designed to cope with power increases that often double or even triple the motors original output, the new Malossi Power-Up Clutch System feature a clutch basket, which is manufactured from high-resistance steel and a hardening surface treatment with welded reinforcement band, to counteract centrifugal forces that come with high RPM and normally make the basket flex and distort and can lead to cracking. Supplied with 4 clutch plates with a high-performance friction compound, the clutches also feature auxiliary springs for use in high power configurations doubling the number of springs in use (6+6 on VM527808 or 7+7 on VM527783) and allowing the user to fine-tune the clutch for their individual application. Furthermore, the coupling tolerances have been refined between the backplate and the clutch basket increasing the service life of the component, whilst reducing possible metallic rattling noises from the clutch under heavy loads. 2 versions are available VM527808 for 6 (12) Spring 98.5mm clutch, or VM527783 for 7 (14) Spring 109.5mm clutch. VM527783 (7 Spring): Vespa Cosa 200, Vespa PX 200, Vespa Rally 180/200, Vespa T5 VM527808 (6 Spring): Vespa Cosa 125, Vespa PX 125/150 The Malossi “Power Up” clutch kits reuse your existing clutch drive gear. VE (UK) also stock a range of clutch drive gears suitable for use with the Malossi clutch. Malossi performance products are exclusively imported by VE (UK), the Malossi Spa Appointed Sole UK Distributor. Purchasing your Malossi performance products through VE (UK) ensures that you are buying genuine factory supplied parts. To order the above or view the complete range of Malossi products available from VE (UK) visit: www.ve-uk.com/malossi You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com or call us on 0115 946 2991.]]>

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