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Fuel Injector For Yamaha 125cc Scooters & Motorcycles

Troubleshooting and repairing fuel injection systems can be expensive, thats why VE (UK) now stock a replacement fuel injector for selected Yamaha 125cc scooters and lightweight motorcycles. Fuel additives and erosion can build up over time on fuel injectors, erosion being a result of not using a machine for a long time. Both the additives and debris can also clog the fuel injector, this may cause running issues, mis-firing, stalling, or even failure to start. Injectors can also fail due to electrical faults with the same symptoms as a dirty or blocked injector. Whether the fuel injector has failed due to an electrical fault or become blocked, this new item from VE (UK) allow a cost effective repair when compared to OE prices. VY19593: Yamaha MT 125 2015-2016, Yamaha N-Max 125 2015, Yamaha X-Max 125, Yamaha YZF-R 2014-2016 To view the complete range of fuel system products available from VE (UK), visit www.ve-uk.com You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com]]>

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