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Vespa PACKER plates are available from VE (UK) for the following fitments with 60mm cranks fitted. When changing to a 60mm crankshaft, the stroke is 3mm longer than standard, the piston will now travel 1.5mm higher and 1.5mm lower than it would with a standard crank, so in order that the piston does not hit the cylinder head the barrel will need lifting by 1.5mm, hence the need for this spacer. This is made from Aluminium and has a port layout to match the common 177 kits, with newer kits like the Malossi 178, small alterations to the ports on the spacer may be required to make it match better. The Packers are designed to work with (VE50061) – Standard PX125 and Malossi 166/177/178 – Fitment: Everything 125cc – 125 PX, 150 PX, LML Star 125, Cosa 125, 150 Sprint, Late 150 Super, (VE50062) – Standard 200 and Pinasco 213 – Fitment: on 200cc models – everything PX200, Cosa 200, Rally 200 (VE50063) – Malossi 210, Polini 210 – Fitment: on 200cc models – everything PX200, Cosa 200, Rally 200]]>

MALOSSI Scooter Brake Disc Pads From VE (UK)
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