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Malossi VR-1 Reed Valve Crankcases

The VR-One is for Vespa power purists, seeking to push their Vespa to the limit. This crankcase has been designed to withstand increased power and is supplied with main bearings for the flywheel side and for the drive side, both use balls instead of rollers, which offer greater radial load tolerance capacity and additional resistance to axial loads, which is not possible with the original roller bearings. Dedicated seals are also supplied. The greater resistance to stress means the crankcase is perfect for assembly with the Malossi single-ring MHR cylinders, item VM316349 (210cc 57mm stroke), but especially with the VM316351 kit (225cc 60mm stroke). The natural partner for this configuration is the Malossi 60mm stroke full circle crankshaft, item VM536176, perfect for reed valve induction with the new VR-One. Reed valve
 supplied with the complete reed valve assembly that, thanks to the new high-quality carbon fibre reeds, ensures an increase in power across all operating speeds and allows achievement of the highest performance. The assembly consists of a die-cast valve seat, coupled to the crankcase face with a dedicated gasket, and a completely new reed valve fitted with a multi-profile diffuser, specially designed with fluid dynamic simulation programs. The assembly has been designed with a specific profile to the sidewalls that are able to reduce turbulence, which normally occurs when the petrol-air mixture passes through the reed valve and at the same time directs the flow correctly, once the reeds have been opened. The supplied manifold, designed according to Malossi’s X360 technology used in their competition specification reed valves, consists of a die-cast flange connected to a Viton manifold rubber, which guarantees a perfect hermetic seal, and at the same time positions the inlet in the correct direction. The pipe has an inlet diameter of 30mm which is perfectly suited to the Dell’Orto PHBH 30 carburettor (not supplied). Technical features 
MADE IN ITALY, The attention to detail is evident in every square millimetre of the crankcase and is clearly obvious to even the most inexperienced mechanic. The gravity permanent mould casting, which differentiates these crankcases from the original models, combined with the use of modern shell moulding cores, results in improved internal shaping, created with the utmost precision. Using gravity casting Malossi were able to strategically increase the reinforcement in the most stressed areas and to further treat the crankcases after casting, thus obtaining an extremely high mechanical strength. These crankcases are made of a high-quality Al Si 7 Mg aluminium alloy (EN AB and AC 42000) containing: Silicon, to increase the mechanical resistance, Manganese, for improved resilience and corrosion resistance and also Copper and Magnesium, to improve overall workability. The machining of the crankcases is performed entirely at Malossi’s workshop using CAD/CAM techniques and takes place within high-precision CNC machining centres. All the support and sealing surfaces have been finished with diamond-tipped tools that guarantee smooth surface finishes and virtually perfect mating surfaces. Product Features:
• Front arm reinforced with tension discharge ribbing and cross-section profiles calculated to allow the correct flow and channelling of stresses and to guarantee a higher level of resistance.
• Factory fitted brake shoe pivot
• Electric start compatible.
• The crankcases have transfers ports that are perfectly profiled and sized for use with Malossi’s Ø68.5 cylinders. M8 studs for cylinder mounting are also included in the crankcase kit. Visit: www.ve-uk.com Tel: 0115 946 2991 Email: sales@ve-uk.com Open: Monday to Friday Open: 9am to 5.30pm VE (UK), Unit 2a, Masons Place, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6YZ. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Malossi Products]]>

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