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MAZZUCCHELLI Lambretta Crankshafts

Mazzucchelli is an Italian company with a pedigree in the manufacture of crankshafts, con-rods, bearings, big-end pins, etc, for all types of engines, Mazzucchelli prides itself in that all the parts it manufactures are of the highest quality possible. The range of Lambretta crankshafts is extensive and covers all the current classic models in Series 1, 2, and 3, for Li, SX, TV, GT, GP cranks. There are also different stroke crankshafts s available for popular models in 58mm and 60mm. Conrod kits are also available for the above models in lengths – Li, SX, GT, GP models is 107mm long, the TV conrod measures 116mm long. Visit: www.ve-uk.com Tel: 0115 946 2991 Email: sales@ve-uk.com Open: Monday to Friday Open: 9am to 5.30pm VE (UK), Unit 2a, Masons Place, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6YZ. We offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders.]]>

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