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BGM Pro Touring Crankshafts

Vespa PX owners looking for a high-quality performance crankshaft will be very interested in the BGM Pro touring cranks now available from VE (UK). Designed and manufactured to offer superb performance, these forged crankshafts have a much higher material density than their non-forged equivalents, resulting in a longer-lasting crankshaft due to the stronger material. The lubrication channels have also been improved over OE crankshafts with the big end pin having two large slots and four pockets for oil delivery, whilst the small end features two holes for lubrication purposes. Available for PX125 and PX200 engines with either a 57mm standard stroke length or 60mm stroke. The longer stroke option is an ideal choice for those increased cylinder capacities that require a 60mm crank, as well as being able to set the timing of the transfer and exhaust ports more easily. Available in 4 configurations: VE10539: BGM Pro Touring Crankshaft 57mm stroke PX125 VE10540: BGM Pro Touring Crankshaft 60mm stroke PX125 VE10541: BGM Pro Touring Crankshaft 57mm stroke PX200 VE10542: BGM Pro Touring Crankshaft 60mm stroke PX200 VE (UK): www.ve-uk.com
Tel: 0115 946 2991
Email: sales@ve-uk.com
Web: www.ve-uk.com VE (UK), 2a Masons Place, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6YX. FREE Shipping on all orders]]>

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