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CASA – Lambretta Max Flow Air Hoses

CASA – Lambretta Max Flow Air Hoses CL13007 The Casa Lambretta oversize Maxi Flow Air hose is designed to be used with the Casa Lambretta PowerFlow Air Filter CL13009 and to ensure the maximum flow of air through an under panel air filter set up. This Hose will fit carbs with a 55mm Fitting and will fit the Dellorto PHBH when it is used with the short plastic bellmouth part number VE Number 10001. CL13008 This Casa hose will fit carbs with a 38mm to 39mm fitting like the Dellorto PHBL. The air hose measures 50mm from the front of the carb and is 125mm in length with a slight inward incline. CL13009 The Casa Lambretta Power Flow Air Filter is designed to be used with their Maxi Flow air hoses, this will give you the best under panel air filter combination. The Power Flow Air filter has a hard plastic base that will not crush and the sponge air filter has a plastic internal structure to ensure it keeps its shape, it measures 66mm x 124mm and is 136mm long. Use with Maxi Flow air hoses CL13007 55mm or CL13008 38/39mm. Visit: www.ve-uk.com Tel: 0115 946 2991 (UK) Tel: +44 (0)115 946 2991 (Outside UK) Email: sales@ve-uk.com Open: Monday to Friday Open: 9am to 5.30pm VE (UK), Unit 2a, Masons Place, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6YZ. We offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders during July & August.]]>

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