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VE offer both Avanti Exhausts & Scuderia 5 port 200 Cylinders

Avanti Exhausts
The Avanti Ex-Box, the Ex-Box is in three parts:- Stub Manifold (available in either standard, TS1, or Quattrini) or Standard fitting.
Stainless Steel Header Pipe ( “U” Tube) Standard / TS1 or RB / Quattrini. Silencer with adjustable crankcase bracket.
The standard Ex-Box has been on the market since September 2018 How they have been performing can be seen in the September 2017 issue of Scootering but have been refined since then with more bottom end and mid-range torque. They have the ability to pull higher gearing than most other “Clubman” type exhaust systems.

Scuderia Cylinders
Scuderia 5 port alloy cylinder kit 200cc (66mm) – Small Block Lambretta 125-150-175 VE Part Number LE10125.
Alloy 200cc nicasil cylinder made in Italy with unique 5 transfer port design for all Lambretta Li – Li Special – TV – Special X, DL, GP models with small block crankcase, featuring a 4 stud exhausts flange, comes with a Radial head, Meteor Piston, and its own design 3 stud inlet manifold which is suitable for 35mm rubbers. Malossi Rubber VM131433 and can be used with Dellorto PHBH, VHSH, VHST or Keihin PWK carbs or can be used with a Dellorto PHBL carb is used with stepped carb rubber VE50004. PLEASE NOTE that on TV 175 models this cylinder kit will need to be used with a crankshaft with a 107mm con rod.

Visit: www.ve-uk.com
Tel: 0115 946 2991
Email: sales@ve-uk.com
Open: Mon/Fri – 9am/5.30pm

VE (UK), Unit 2a, Masons Place, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6YZ.

There is FREE Shipping on all orders over £75. Get together with your club mates, friends, to take advantage of our FREE Shipping.

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