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Trustpilot @ VE
When people ask us about our company, we always refer customers to look up our reviews on TRUSTPILOT. (https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/ve-uk.com). These reviews will give you the best indications of the company you intend to deal with. If you are spending money, you need to have surety that you get value for money, first and foremost, but, don’t take our word for it, take our customers word for it! Visit Trustpilot and be assured of VE (UK).

Better Deals @ VE
We spend allot of time to make sure we put offers out that are worth our customers consideration, and offer genuine offers on popular fast moving items. Take our Christmas offers, they have been well received by our customers. For instance last weekend we offered Michelin S83 Tyres on our Christmas offers, it was such a good deal one customer placed an order for 12. Six for himself and 4 and two for local friends. Normally the is 12 @ £30 each is £360, the offer price was £25 each, so the 12 only cost £300, saving £60 on the 12 tyres! That’s a 20% discount on each tyre, that is a huge saving.
We also had a number of other customers who have ordered from us for the similar offer, who have all taken advantage of the offer prices and free shipping on orders over £75.

Have Wonderful Christmas
In these last few days before Christmas we are still offering all the items from our Three Christmas Offers. To remind you, visit our VE Blog on our Homepage and inspect the last few blogs, to remind you.

In any event, we want to wish all our customers, new & existing a Very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year, all the best, from The VE Team.

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