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JPP Alloy Lambretta Components

LE17095 – .New Style Breather with flexible pipe design to be used with catch bottle. J Some engines throw out more oil than others so linking to a pipe allows oil to be thrown out, caught in a catch tank or bottle. Supplied with flexible pipe.
LE17096 – High precision Drain or Level Plug with built in Magnet.
LE17098 – The JPP gear pulley is designed to take the play out of the gears these have been developed on BSSO race bikes.
LE17101 – New rear hub nut lock plate system. Features a lightweight but thicker 6mm anodised alloy locking plate, using not 1 bolt but 3 to secure it, the kit complete with three extended stainless M7 cap screws. Head of screw is larger diameter and fits snugly against nut .
LE17102 – Lambretta throttles don’t always close, to help we have a Handlebar throttle return spring, not a standard part and will require a hole to be drilled in the throttle rod, This is tricky and requires a basic engineering skill and some patience. If unsure get a competent dealer to fit for you.

All the above part numbers are in stock and available from VE.

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