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Accessories are a Scooter thing. Take your scooter and add a few accessories and before you know it, you are in a different class. Scooter accessories go way back and old originals are extremely rare, fetching good money. Modern copies of old accessories are not as sought after as you would think.

Move forward to the 2000+ years and the range is now quite comprehensive. Current scooters, Lambretta, Vespa, Royal Alloy, Vespa GTS, LambrettaV, and Scomadi are well catered for.
At VE we pride ourselves on a comprehensive selection of Chrome-work, Lamps, and Screens, for a big selection of scooters. The top accessory brands are all at VE. These include Cuppini, Faco, VE Actif Chrome, FA Italia, and Scooter Centre. VE Actif Screens. As well as VE Actif Screens, we also offer screens from: Malossi, Cuppini, and Faco. Cuppini is also known under the Parimor brand.

Call 0115 946 2991 or email us at sales@ve-uk.com for info on the VE range of Scooter Accessories.

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