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LE10701 GORI 190cc-200cc (64.5mm bore) ALUMINIUM CYLINDER KIT WITHOUT MANIFOLD – SMALL BLOCK LAMBRETTA, now with 2-ring Piston. This fits small block 125, 150, and 175 Lambretta motors and is to be used with a 58/107 or 60/107 crankshaft, it will increase the capacity to 190cc with a 58mm stroke crank and 200cc with a 60mm stroke crank, it features an aluminium cylinder with a nicasil liner and a 5 port layout, and a 6 stud exhaust flange that will work with standard 2 stud exhausts, and 4 stud BGM style exhausts, a 64.5mm bore, piston with a single dykes piston ring, cylinder head with directional fins and a squish face that is recessed into the bore for better sealing, and various base and head gaskets to suit the different options.

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