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PX125 Cylinder Kits – from 125cc to 190cc

Don’t buy till you’ve checked our prices. Even then we can always better any price due to our buying process, giving you the Best Prices. Email us at simon@ve-uk.com and we also offer FREE Shipping on all orders over £75 to keep your costs low.

PX 125 Cylinder Kits – Price incl VAT.

VE10077 3 Port 125cc (barrel & Piston only, no head) Cast Iron £119.99
VE20720 3 Port 150cc (barrel & Piston only, no head) Cast Iron £91.99
VE10060 3 Port 150cc (barrel & Piston only, no head) Cast Iron £132.30
VE10142 5 Port 150cc (barrel & Piston only, no head) Cast Iron £112.50
VE00711 DR-Olympia 177cc Cast Iron £165.00
VM317676 Malossi 178cc Cast Iron £229.95
VM317163 Malossi 178cc MHR Aluminium £350.00
VM318005 Malossi 178cc Sport Aluminium £339.95
VM317361 Malossi 187cc MHR (requires 60mm crank) Aluminium £350.00
VE10702 Pinasco 177cc Cast Iron £223.20
VE10701 Pinasco 177cc Magny Cours Aluminium £313.85
VE10786 Pinasco 187cc Vespaone RX 190 Aluminium £370.00
VP400080 Polini 177cc Cast Iron £249.95
VP400081 Polini 177cc Aluminium £430.00
VP400088 Polini 187cc (requires a 60mm crank) Aluminium £430.00

Visit: www.ve-uk.com
Tel: 0115 946 2991 (UK)
Email: sales@ve-uk.com
Open: Mon to Fri – 9am to 5.30pm

VE (UK), Unit 2a, Masons Place, Nottingham Road, Derby, DE21 6YZ.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over £75

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