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Putoline Classic Scooter X 2T Oil

Putoline has been a firm favourite of scooterists over the years, with a range of high quality lubricants covering 2T, 4T, and Classic scooters available from VE (UK).
Their latest Classic Scooter 2T oil has been specially engineered to provide complete protection for high performance classic 2 stroke engines that use either cast iron or Nikasil lined cylinders. Combined with a low soot, fully synthetic formulation to reduce carbon deposits and spark plug fouling, it makes it the ideal choice for all classic Vespa and Lambretta owners.
NOTE: The oil also contains a blue colourant to aid identification of pre-mixed fuel and is suitable for both pre-mix and autolube engines.
To view the complete range of Putoline products available from VE (UK) use our Universal Parts Finder HERE

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