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VE Actif Lambretta 12v AC Stator Plates

The VE Actif stator plate was developed over several years, with the sole aim of making it the best available item for Lambretta owners using the standard Ducati 12v AC ignition system.
The extensive testing undertaken found that not all flywheels are manufactured the same, with some offerings requiring the pickup to be a fraction lower than on other stator plates available. The VE Actif stator design has taken all the variables into account, allowing maximum compatibility across a range of flywheels.
The stator plates come pre-terminated with insulated spade connectors for easy fitment and are available with either black or grey wire shrouding.
Suitable for fitment to Li S2/S3, SX, TV S2/S3 and GP models.
To order the above or view the complete range of electrical parts available from VE (UK) use our dedicated search pages on our HOME PAGE

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