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Batteries @ VE (UK)

VE (UK) doesn’t just do batteries; we’d like to think we do an excellent range of batteries, that gives good performance and are relatively maintenance-free. The range includes – Gel-based, Lithium-ion batteries that reduce the maintenance schedule even further. Acid Batteries: we offer a selection of acid batteries, for those on a budget. Our acid batteries are extremely competitively priced and have all the benefits of durability. They come with an acid pack to fill and charge before use. Gel batteries: using a gel rather than a liquid-based electrolyte, these batteries do not require filling upon arrival, and require no maintenance other than charging over their life cycle. Lithium-Ion batteries: using Lithium-Ion battery chemistry, as found in most mobile phones, and they are supplied pre-charged and ready to fit. This means that there is no messing with electrolyte or charging them before fitment. With a massive weight saving over conventional batteries. These super lightweight batteries offer substantial benefits for every owner. VE (UK): www,ve-uk.com Tel: 0115 946 2991 Email: sales@ve-uk.com FREE Shipping on ALL orders]]>

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