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Following on from our supply of batteries, we thought it only right to talk “Battery Chargers”.
Maintaining your battery generally, and keeping it a peak condition during the off season couldn’t be easier with these NOCO battery chargers,
available from VE (UK).
The Noco G750 charger features a .75 amp charging current and is suitable for all lead-acid 6V and 12V batteries. Inbuilt safety features include spark protection, reverse polarity, over-charging, open circuit, and overheating. The charger also includes smart battery monitoring which alters the charging rate based on ambient temperature, optimises the battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity, and a recovery function to help revive batteries that have seen better days.
The Noco G1100 charger has all of the great features found on the smaller G750 but increases the charging current to 1.1 amp, and adds support for Lithium-Ion chemistry batteries. A quality charger to suit most needs.
Both chargers are dirt, water, UV, impact, and crush resistant to ensure a rugged product that will handle any situation.
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